How to Make Friends in Australia

Being a new student is indeed stressful for some people, especially if you study abroad, in Australia. But if you have a group of great friends, the experience of studying abroad can be one of the best in your life.

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and get you ready to fully experience new goals. Here are some tips to help you find friends and make the most of your new university life.

One problem that is often addressed by students who study abroad is difficulty in socializing. The fact that differences in language, customs, culture and habits can make it difficult for you to put yourself in the community on campus.

Live on campus

If there is an option to be able to live with other students, then don’t reject this opportunity. Usually in the dormitory there will be some facilities that must be used together. This condition can indirectly make you socialize with other students outside campus hours.

It would be better if you have roommates. Who knows if your future roommate has the same mission as well? It will be more exciting for you to get to know your surroundings, the campus building and also the dormitory building with new friends.


It is important to remain confident and open minded so that you can get along well. If you have been in the comfort zone all this time, try to be a little different and you will see that getting along in a new environment is not as difficult as you might think. Since there are so many students from other countries on campus, you must always be open-minded. This is important because differences in culture, language and also habits require you to think from various points of view.

Join a Club or Community

The next best way to socialize while studying abroad is to join a club or community. Choose a club or community that suits your interests. This way you will at least routinely gather with people who have the same hobbies, passions or likes. This will make it easier for you to get along and mingle.

Active on various campus events

As a new student there are certainly many foreign things that you will encounter and face. At the beginning of the semester usually new students are still not divided into groups of friends. You can use this to get as many new friends as possible. Don’t think about picking out friends. But instead try to reach out first.

In fact, every new school year there are a lot of students who have the same mission to socialize. Campus events are one of the best places to socialize. So mark your calendars and don’t hesitate to be active in various campus events so you can get lots of friends.

Improve language ability

Equipping yourself with language skills is the right choice. At least you must master the local language and English as the main language to be able to socialize well.

Explore the City of Residence

Enjoy your free time while studying abroad by going around the city, visiting new places and also meeting with local residents. Who knows, you can find interesting and inspiring things on city streets, cafes or city parks!

Open the door as wide as possible

Make it easier for people to visit by leaving the door of your dormitory room wide open. People will be more inclined to stop by and get to know you. You can get to know your new neighbors over coffee and chat about your class all day. This is a great way to get acquainted & relax after a long day on campus.

Have a dinner together

Why not make dinner a joint activity in your new home? This is the perfect excuse to get everyone out of their room and have fun. If you’re not a confident chef, don’t panic! Taking turns cooking with your dormitory friends is a great way to get closer to each other. Most people will be happy to share something simple, especially if you share dishes from your home country.

Befriend in various places

It’s great if you build a group of extraordinary friends at university. But you have to try and make some circle of friendship in various areas of your student life, such as people from your class, in the club where you join and in the accommodation where you live. Having friends in many places will always make you have someone to contact, and guarantee you will never have a boring time!

Don’t seclude yourself

Don’t spend too much time hiding in your room, even if you have decorated it to make it look attractive. One of the best parts of a university is working with other students, in study groups or joint projects. When you are given a group assignment, don’t just choose to work with fellow international students, try and find some local students to partner with. You will have plenty of time to chat, produce great ideas and celebrate together.

Use Social Media

Don’t be shy to reach out to your classmates and new friends on social media. This is a great way to find out what other people are doing and join them! The University Facebook page and Twitter account can help you find new friends and also tell you what events are coming up, so you can make sure you have time to attend and make a new friends!

Be Open

Even though you might think you know who your ‘type’ is, don’t let it narrow your mind. Universities are full of all different types of people and you should not make a quick assessment of anyone before you know them. Friendship can appear in the most unlikely places.

Dare to Get Out of the Comfort Zone

University is a place where you get new experiences and this gives you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. So get out of your comfort zone. Students are easy-going groups, and you will be surprised by how easily you make friends for life, once you give yourself a little encouragement.